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My City and I against COVID 19 - Edward Kankhomba

My name is Edward Kankhomba, and I work with young people on their involvement in addressing social needs in the communities they live in. Lately, I have been reaching out to young people to join the U-Report platform and utilize it as a source of credible information on social issues, including COVID-19.

Currently, my worry has been on laxity on the observance of COVID-19 preventative measures, including social distancing and the wearing of masks among young people. COVID-19 is real, and it is here. Local transmission has now surpassed imported cases. Let's follow all preventative measures, including wearing of face masks and keeping a physical distance of not less than a meter from one person to the other.

Our future depends on a healthy young person, and there is no better time to lead as young people in preventing further spread of the pandemic than now. Do not underestimate it, protect yourself and your loved ones.


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