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MW2063 Youth Engagement Caucus

Youth Involvement in  the implementation of Malawi Vision 2063

The National Planning Commission of Malawi (NPC) organized a youth engagement caucus which took place from the 18th to 19th August 2021 in Mponela, Dowa district. The workshop drew youth and young leaders from various youth representations across Malawi to discuss and brainstorm on how the youth can be involved in the implementation of the Malawi vision 2063 and to draft the youth engagement strategy for the implementation of the Malawi vision 2063. Through this workshop, us the youth gave our inputs on how best we can be involved in the implementation of the vision in order for Malawi to become an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant nation by the year 2063.

Some of the activities that transpired at the workshop were:

  • ·       brief introduction on the MW2063 vision
  • ·       brainstorming sessions on how to engage with the youth in the implementation of the vision
  • ·       group discussions on the challenges that the youths face in line with the three pillars of the vision 2063
  • ·       Youth recommendations/solutions on the challenges that the youths are experiencing
  • ·        presentations by NPC of the key takeaways for inclusion in the MW2063 Youth Engagement Strategy.

Key Lessons Learnt from the Workshop

·      I got a good understanding of the Malawi Vision 2063 and how we the youth will benefit from it

·      I networked with youth leaders from across Malawi and learned what they are doing for the betterment of our societies. It was wonderful to meet young people who are passionate about developing Malawi

·      These two key lessons will help me in my advocacy journey. I will be able to adjust my advocacy to make sure it is in line with the Malawi Vision 2063

  • ·       Learnt new ways of approaching the youth and different stakeholders when advocating for change and other youth face related issues.
  • ·       I can now ably tell my fellow youth about Malawi Vision 2063, its benefits and what  our role as the youth is 
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