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My Community and I against COVID 19 - Grant Malindi, Mchinji

My name is Grant Malindi. I live in the border district of Mchinji.  I have been a U-Reporter since 2019. As Malawi continues to fight COVID-19, my community and I are following various measures that the Malawi Government has put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, I feel that we can do better.


Most residents of my district conduct cross-border trade with our neighbours in Chipata, Zambia. Even though there are some travel restrictions, there is still movement of people through uncharted routes. This puts these two neighbouring countries at risk.


Despite Malawi recording several confirmed cases, some Mchinji  residents still have myths and misconceptions about the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples include the myth that COVID-19 is a foreign disease, which cannot affect Africans. Another myth is that smoking and drinking alcohol can protect one from contracting COVID-19 and that drinking water infused with lemon can protect one from coronavirus. All of these are incorrect.


COVID-19 is here and does not discriminate. It is attacking people of all ages, race and creed. Smoking and drinking alcohol or lemon water cannot protect one from corononavirus. Let us not relax on the preventive measures. Let’s observe physical distancing, wash our hands frequently with water and soap and continue to stay home to help Malawi fight COVID-19 and save lives.


During this time, I am asking everyone concerned to help border districts such as Mchinji with relevant information on COVID-19. I am doing my part by asking fellow youths to join U-Report Malawi by texting the word JOIN to 1177.


The COVID-19 pandemic is real.

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