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My City and I against COVID-19 - Abdul-Hakeem Adam, Lilongwe

My name is Abdul-Hakeem Adam and I live in Falls Estate, Lilongwe. I have been a U-Reporter since 2018. As we are all aware that almost the whole world is now affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, government, health practitioners, and different stakeholders, are asking citizens to follow measures that will help to prevent further spread of COVID-19.


For me and my community these prevention measures include observing social distancing, washing hands with soap or hand sanitizers frequently as well as avoiding touching nose, mouth and eyes. This pandemic is real. Everyday people are losing their loved ones and hospitals are overstretched. Despite this, let us not lose hope because one day we will be free of this coronavirus. This will only be possible if we STRICTLY observe the prevention measures.

For me and my city, isolation means staying at home. However, as we are isolating ourselves from the public and staying in our respective homes, let us not forget about (umunthu) humanity in our cities, towns and villages. We should think of those who are struggling to get their daily food on the table and other necessities meant to sustain their lives. Let us extend our hand and reach out so that they can be saved from severe hunger while protecting themselves from COVID-19. The pandemic should not make us forget humanity and that, as a country, we are all one.

Coronavirus is not a joke. It is real, and it is here in Malawi.

#StayAtHome #StaySafe #FactoverFiction #PreparednessoverPanic