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My Community and I against COVID 19 - Albert Mwase, Nkhata Bay

My name is Albert Mwase. I live in Nkhata Bay and I have been a U-Reporter since 2018.

As Malawi fights COVID-19, my community and I are following various measures put in place by the government, stakeholders in the district, and international organisations in order to stop the further spread of the virus.

It is everyone’s duty to follow these measures to save our lives and protect others. My community and I have been following preventative measures such as washing hands with soaps or hand sanitizers regularly , observing social distancing, and avoiding shaking hands as well as touching mouth and eyes.

During this time, it is important to look for credible information on COVID-19. Our source of information so far has been the District Commissioner’s office, health extension workers, faith leaders, chiefs, non-government organisations working in the district, and community radio.

My special message to my community and the entire nation is that this pandemic is real and has claimed lives across the world. Let’s take a leading role in fighting it by following preventive measures that have been put in place.

If we have a loved one who is returning from abroad,  let’s help them so that they observe isolation or quarantine as recommended by health workers.

#StayAtHome #StaySafe #FactoverFiction #PreparednessoverPanic

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