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My name is Tarsizious and I am a U-Reporter!

U-Report Malawi is promoting young people’s freedom of expression.

As a young man, my father has always been my inspiration because of the achievement he made to get his PhD. So one of my many ambitions is to get to his level and keep the legacy going in the family. Another ambition is to have my own server firm based in Malawi.

Tarsizious TJ Chikaonda, U-reporter UNICEF/Malawi/2018/Moving minds multimedia

I understand that U-Report is a social messaging platform that provides a free service for each and every young person to speak about their views on issues that are happening in their communities. For example, issues concerning development projects, girls empowerment, and how to deal with child abuse in communities.

I believe that U-Report Malawi will prove to be beneficial to our communities, as many young people will be able to speak about what’s going on around them freely without anything to worry about. Confidentiality is guaranteed to ensure that young people will not be exposed when they give their point of view.

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.